ClarinsMen Super Moisture Range

Clarinsmen Super Moisture

The ClarinsMen Super Moisture range is now more effective than ever in meeting the needs of men’s skin. Men’s skin is thicker than women’s so needs specific hydrating skin care. Due to their lifestyle, different sporting activities and regular shaving irritates the skin and therefore exposing it to multiple aggressions on a daily basis. The skin also has greater difficulty in repairing its self after exposure to aggresions in the presence of testosterone. Therefore, men’s skin has a lower capacity to retain water and needs daily hydration.

The new star ingredient in these products is organic houseleek extract. Houseleek is a super hydro-resistant plant with the capacity to survive in extreme, hostile high-altitude environments. The use of this ingredient in the Super Moisture range reinforces the absorbency of the skin barrier, which limits moisture loss at the epidermal level. The ClarinsMen Energising Complex boosts skin cell activity and fights free radical damage.

Super Moisture Balm was tested in extreme conditions by 6 divers during the ‘Under The Pole’ expedition. The divers carried out a series of 4 dives under the ice, for days, at depths of up to 100m. The Balm was applied after each dive. Immediately after application, the skin was 54% more hydrated. After the 4th dive the skin was twice as hydrated. These tests prove the effectiveness of the Super Moisture Balm, even in extreme conditions, ensuring excellent product results in normal conditions.

The range includes three products suitable for all men whatever their age or lifestyle. Super Moisture Balm comforts dry skin, with an invisible non-greasy texture. Super Moisture Gel is for combination to oily skin in a refreshing, non-sticky gel. Super Moisture Lotion is for all skin types and contains an SPF20 with a light and fresh finish, perfect for men who spend long hours outdoors.

The Super Moisture products are used in our Skin Blitz Facial and can also be purchased as part of your home care maintenance ritual.