The Courtyard Hampshire

We are very excited to be allowed to reopen The Courtyard. We have deep cleaned the salon and put measures in place to ensure both our clients and staff are safe at all times whilst making the experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. Because of some government guidelines, certain treatments may not be quite as they were but unfortunately, this is the ‘New Normal’. The salon might not look quite like it used to but this is to enable us to clean it as efficiently as we can in between each client.

Please note that if you are booking an Eyebrow Wax, Eyebrow Tint or Lip Wax on their own there will be an additional fee of £3. This is because we have had to double the appointment time to allow for cleaning and changing of PPE (we originally booked 10 minutes for these appointments and we now require 20 minutes). This fee will be taken off if these treatments are booking alongside another appointment.

At this time we will be unable to provide the complimentary light lunch or afternoon tea with our Pamper Packages.

These are the steps we need you to take when attending your appointments:

  1. Please wear a face covering to your appointment, we unfortunately will not be able to treat you without one. A limited number will be available to purchase for £1
  2. Please do not touch your face covering during your appointment, if you do, please sanitise your hands afterwards
  3. Please attend your appointment alone (unless you are between 13 and 16, then you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian)
  4. Please arrive at your appointment on time and wait outside until you can see the reception desk is free. There will be limited space in reception and we must strictly stick to appointment times
  5. You will be sent a consultation form via email or SMS within 24 hours of your appointment, please complete before attending
  6. Please thoroughly wash your hands on arrival, there is also sanitizer available around the salon
  7. Please only use the toilet if you are absolutely desperate, where possible use your own toilet before leaving your home
  8. Please leave your phone and belongings in your bag throughout your appointment. If you must touch them, please sanitize your hands after use
  9. Please bring your own refreshments as we will be unable to provide them
  10. Please respect 2-meter social distancing with clients and staff, other than your own therapist. 
  11. Please avoid touching objects and surfaces
  12. We are accepting card and gift card payments only, with contactless or apple pay preferred. Where possible please pay for your treatment over the phone when booking in. 
  13. We will be temperature checking every client on arrival.
  14. Please cancel your appointment if you or anyone you have been in contact with is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Please leave 14 days before rebooking
  15. If you experience COVID-19 symptoms up to 14 days after visiting the salon, please inform us as soon as possible. If you are contacted by NHS Test and Trace, please also inform us as soon as possible.
  16. If booking an appointment online, please note that we may need to change the time slightly to maximise availability whilst allowing for cleaning time, this will usually be by 5 to 10 minutes. Please double-check your appointment reminders before attending your appointment.
  17. We may need to reschedule your treatment to a different therapist should there be a need to self-isolate.

These are the steps we will be carrying out to safeguard our staff and clients:

  1. We will be temperature checking our staff at the beginning of their shift
  2. Staff will be wearing visors, face coverings, disposable aprons and gloves (where appropriate) and changing PPE between clients
  3. We have a one-way system in operation with arrows on the floor indicating the direction of flow, to avoid staff and clients crossing paths
  4. Arrival times will be staggered to avoid large groups of clients and staff in reception.
  5. There will be waiting signs on the floor at reception where the crossover of clients could occur.
  6. We are not using our nail bars, this is to reduce the number of clients in the reception area. Manicures will be performed across the couches in the treatment rooms.
  7. Where possible we have removed the displays and tester stands from reception
  8. Reception seats have been rearranged to enable Social Distancing
  9. We have removed the magazines from our reception desk
  10. We have hand sanitizers on reception and around the salon
  11. We have a perspex screen at reception
  12. We have a treatment room dedicated to sanitising visors and change of PPE.
  13. We are removing all unnecessary displays from treatment rooms
  14. All doors apart from treatment rooms will be kept open at all times reducing the risk of cross-contamination, we apologise that this may mean there will be background noise during your treatment
  15. We will be using disposable couch coverings, we apologise if these are not as comfortable as usual
  16. We have added appropriate time between treatments to allow for thorough cleaning and sanitizing of treatment rooms and areas
  17. Staff breaks will be staggered, with a maximum of three staff in the staff room at a time and staff will be required to maintain social distancing.
  18. Staff will not able to share food or drinks.
  19. Only one member of staff in the kitchen at any one time.
  20. Staff will not be allowed to enter the kitchen or staff room wearing PPE.

A full copy of our COVID-19 Risk Assessment can be downloaded here.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We cannot wait to welcome you into The Courtyard.