The National Hair and Beauty Federation has stated there is no scientific evidence for additional allergy testing or an increased risk of an allergic reaction after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. This is a rumour that has been circulating within the industry, which has not been substantiated by science.
We do recommend however that you do not book appointments for any treatments within 48 hours of having your vaccine. This is simply for your own comfort and to avoid last-minute cancellations if you feel unwell.
You should always have an allergy test for tinting, lash lifting and lash extensions in the following situations;
  •  If you have NOT had an allergy test or treatment at The Courtyard within the last SIX MONTHS.
  • If you are a new client to the salon.
  • If you have been using at home dyes, tints or lifting products. This is because products purchased online may have unregulated or increased levels of ingredients known to cause reactions, this can increase your risk of a reaction in a professional environment.
  • If you have had a black henna tattoo since your last treatment. For the same reason as above.
  • If you have particularly sensitive skin, it is always recommended to have an allergy test before each treatment.
  • If you have recently undergone hormone therapy, pregnancy or are experiencing any other hormonal changes. This can affect your chances of having an allergic reaction.
  • If you are unsure or nervous about your treatment, we are happy to carry out additional allergy tests.
Allergy tests must be carried out 48 hours prior to your treatment. Tinting and lifting allergy tests do not need to be booked, please just visit our receptionist and they will be able to carry the allergy test out for you. For lash extensions please book an eyelash extension consultation. If you are unsure whether you need a test please telephone 01256 363417.